colorado deck drain experts

CDDE is a service company in Brighton, Colorado installing a product called Dry-B-Lo (which they invented). They have been in business for about 15 years There are 2 types of the Dry-B-Lo;

Dry-B-Lo Concealed System

This system is similar to that of Trex Rain Escape. Unless you are building a new deck, CDDE would remove all of your exiting floorboards, and install a water drainage system from above. As a finished product below, you can choose any type of finish you want, or go with the aluminum panels that they have.

Concealed System Pros:

  • You have many options as to what the finished product will be
  • If you plan on going this route, it’s 100% better to hire them to install this system vs. a regular deck builder installing the Trex Rain Escape 

Concealed System Cons:

  • It’s expensive 
  • Floorboards must come off unless you’re building a new deck
  • If a leak occurs, it would be a large undertaking to take apart the system to access the leak and fix it

Dry-B-Lo Contemporary System

This system is the most similar to what we install. They install steel panels under your existing deck to drain water into a gutter and downspout. 

Contemporary System Cons

  • Made of steel, which dramatically increases the likelihood of rust 
  • Many customers don’t like the look of the flat panels on the ceiling,  compared to our system which has 1/2″ gap between each panel giving it depth and a high end look