Trex RainEscape

Think of a large rubber tarp laying between the the floorboards and the joists.

This system serves a very similar purpose to our Amazing Underdeck system: it’s meant to keep the space under the deck dry. However, this system is completely different in design and in is generally sold to a customer who is building a new deck.

It’s fairly simple: Before the deck boards go up on the newly built deck, rubber throughs are laid on top of the joists. Water is channeled into a gutter and downspout in the front. 


  • Available in Home Depot/Lowes
  • Very inexpensive 
  • Easy to DIY
  • More flexibility as to what you can have as a finished product under the deck


  • Not a finished product – you would need to complete the job with a underdeck ceiling 
  • Difficult to do on an existing deck since you would need to take the floor board off
  • Rubber cracks/breaks and needs to be replaced occasionally – which is a big undertaking since flor boards need to come off
  • Many deck installers agree that it doesn’t work as intended many times and causes more problems than it solves

In Conclusion 

Unless you are building a brand new deck and want a specific finished product underneath, stay away from the Trex Rain Escape.