Undercover Systems

  • Undercover Systems is a company based out of Dallas Georgia. This company sells their product primarily through a dozen dealers around the US. One of them being here in Wheatridge Colorado.
Common Claim:  Attaching metal, plastic, or any other material that catches water and debris to wood, even if the wood is pressure treated, will eventually cause dry rot and premature aging. The only exception is stainless steel screws and hot dipped galvanized steel.
  • It’s dry in Colorado so we never work on wet decks
  • Our system is attached to carriers which are attached to the joists by stainless steel screws
  • Any contact that our aluminum has with the joists is separated by sealant


  • Only 4 color options
  • Super glossy look (where have you ever seen a glossy ceiling?)
  • Made of steel – susceptible to rust
  • Panels connected to each other with no gap between them giving it a tacky look
  • Square gutter goes all the way around the system, many customers do not like this look



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