zip-up Underdeck

  • This is a vinyl product sold directly to consumers through various big box stores. It is indented to be installed by a DIY homeowner and not by professional contractors.


  • On a simple rectangular deck with no curves, pillars or cantilevers, most DIY homeowners would have no problem installing 
  • The finished product would cost you less than hiring us to install our product 
  • Instructions with videos are available and easily accessed online


  • Not as much of a savings as you would think
  • Kits do not include any gutter and downspout material 
  • Kits do not include sealant 
  • Made of vinyl that could easily crack and become discolored 
  • Not available for pickup in any local hardware store, must order online only
  • Only 3 color options 
  • Only available as DIY

Cost analysis of a 10’x20′ deck from Decks Direct:

  • Zip Up Material Only: $2,412 + shipping
  • Seamless Gutter, Downspout, Caulking $500
  • About $3,000 total for just all the material 
In Conclusion:
Although some homeowners may appreciate the challenge of installing this product and dealing with it’s maintenance – most would not. It does cost less, not accounting for the cost of your time installing it. 
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