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Welcome To The Future With Underdeck Star Lights

Never heard of Star Lights before? Well, allow us to introduce you to them: our star lights in Denver, CO, are a special lighting feature that we at Amazing Underdeck install in your property’s under decking. Our lights are powerful, vibrant, and clear, and their benefits go beyond simply lighting up your outdoor area in a unique and modern way. You see, our star lights are low voltage, meaning they don’t take much energy to stay lit — they use much less energy than, say, conventional incandescent lighting fixtures. With our unique star lights, you can be sure that you’ll be cutting down on energy costs and saving money in no time.

Star Lights


There’s a lot we have to say about our lights, which is why we want to introduce you to the best parts about them. We’re proud to say that at Amazing UnderDeck, we’re leading the charge in the industry when it comes to low-voltage lights that cut down on energy costs, save you plenty of money over time, and are completely safe for you to handle on your own. Check out some of the biggest benefits that our star lights in Denver, CO, offer, and see why so many of our customers haven’t looked back since they’ve gotten them installed:


Star Lights In Denver

Considering how bright, powerful, and clear our star lights appear once they’re installed in your under decking, it can be hard to imagine that they also don’t use much voltage. Available in two power types – Standard (32 lumens) and Super (72) lumens, our star lights consume much less energy than more conventional incandescent bulbs that you might have used in the past for your outdoor space. Cut down your monthly energy bills with energy-efficient lighting!

State-Of-The-Art Technology

Denver CO Star Lights

Not only are our star lights for your under decking energy-efficient and aesthetically breathtaking, but they also represent the great strides that our industry has made thanks to the state-of-the-art technology they use. Running on a simple transformer that can simply be plugged into an outlet, our star lights – even after staying on for hours – remain cool to the touch. To top it off, our remote-controlled, low-voltage lights are resistant to dust and are waterproof.

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Check Out What’s Included with Our Star Lights

  • Low-voltage lighting
  • They can be installed every three inches
  • Remote-controlled
  • Can be hardwired
  • Flush fixtures
  • Available in 32 lumens (Standard) or 72 lumens (Super)

frequently asked Star Lighting


Typically, we’re able to install your under-decking star lights in one day. Our installation process only lasts for several hours – in the event that you have a larger-than-average property, we’ll let you know ahead of time if we feel that we need more than a single appointment to complete your installation.

The answer to this question depends on the size of your under-decking that you want illuminated, as well as how much you’re interested in cutting down on your energy costs. We can help you decide which one best suits your needs during our initial consultation before we install your star lights.

The biggest benefit that comes with remote-controlled lighting, such as our star lights, is the increased energy efficiency that you’ll enjoy. Lighting fixtures that can be remote-controlled go a long way toward increasing your energy efficiency since you can turn your star lights off whenever you don’t need them lit.

We, unfortunately, don’t offer our star lights to customers for DIY installation. With that said, our technicians possess the deep industry experience, training, and top-end equipment necessary to install your star lights without running the risk of damaging your under-decking or causing issues related to the rest of your outdoor pace.

Yes, they do! Our technicians carry both general liability as well as workers’ compensation insurance in order to keep you protected from work-related damages. In the rare event that something goes wrong while we’re installing your star lights, you’re guaranteed to be financially off the hook and won’t need to pay a single penny out of pocket to cover the damages. 

Compared to conventional incandescent bulbs, our star lights are low-voltage lighting solutions that emit a small amount of heat. This means that our lights can help reduce your energy costs and save money in the long run. They are also much safer to handle than incandescent bulbs since they run on a simple transformer.