What is an

Under Deck?

The Amazing Underdeck is an aluminum system that installs underneath an existing deck and captures water that goes through your deck floorboards and channels water away into a gutter and downspouts.

There is no sloped roof, but an engineered metal panel collection system attached to a framework. A similar framework already exists on raised decks. The system simply collects the water and slopes it into a gutter. The gutter slopes to a downspout, the downspout drains the rain into a controlled location. Simply put, it’s a waterproof ceiling attached to the bottom of a deck.

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parts of the system

1. Main panels

This is the finished product, and what you will see the most of. The panels are installed at an angle so that all the water drains into the gutter.

2. Flashing & Waterproofing

Flashing is installed behind the panels to direct all water into the panels. If not done properly, this is the most common reason that leaks occur. 

3. Panel Carriers

These carriers are spaced every 3′ and run perpendicular to the panels. The panels clip into them, keeping them straight and secure. 

4. Perimeter Channels

These channels are secured all around the perimeter of your deck and take in the panels.

5. Gutter & Downspout

All the water is channeled and collected in a gutter, and out of the downspout.