Vito, Owner

Vito wears many hats – primarily in sales and marketing. As the owner of the company, his priority is making sure the phone doesn’t stop ringing, and that the culture is positive and always thriving.

V, Master Installer

V is the installer of all installers. His job is to train lead installers, new installers, and manage the flow of production. There isn’t a job that he hasn’t seen or a problem he hasn’t solved.

Alan, Lead Installer

Alan came from a background of gutter and downspout installation – so he has a great understanding of water draining and waterproofing. He plays a major role in training new installers.

Kyle, Sales Representative

Kyle builds long-lasting, and mutually beneficial relationships with our customers. He provides complete and appropriate solutions for every customer.

Marianne, Office Administrator

Marianne wears many hats and is a background hero. She takes care of administrative and marketing tasks.

Pickles, Director of First Impressions

Pickles welcomes every customer with her bubbly and positive personality. Expect to hear from her often, as she’ll be assisting you from day 1 until your Amazing Underdeck gets installed.

Crissia Marie, Bookkeeper and Accounting

Crissia Marie handles our bookkeeping and accounting. Don’t expect to hear from her unless you owe us money and aren’t paying.

Eugene, Electrician

Eugene handles all of our electrical work. Although not directly employed by us, he is involved with almost every job that has lights, fans or heaters.

Spark, Office Security

Spark barks at everyone walking by or in, but doesn’t actually bite. It could be intimidating if you are a person of questionable character. He also charms the tellers at the bank.